We cannot find you with a romantic quote

Metal Detecting Heroes page on Facebook has this tip – please SHARE with friends?

If you’re buying someone some valuable jewelry please consider engraving it with something that would help find you (instead of a romantic quote or bible verse.)

Help Someone who Finds Your Lost Wedding band or Lost Class Ring Find You!!

Use something that is unique so you would come up on Google or Facebook if searched, such as first and last names with a date.  Don’t forget – Google and Facebook can only display PUBLIC posts to searchers who are not friends.  So make one post or file that includes the facts of the wedding or graduation, including names and dates, then mark it public.  Google Docs is a great way to post a page that is public for this purpose.  Note: The dropbox “Public” folder is going away.  You must explicitly mark a file as public + findable.

Good (You’ll probably get your lost ring back)

  • Sara and Wayne Underwood, 10-6-15 with Google Doc containing this information and contact email.
  • James M Smith, 9-4-16 with public facebook post containing this information and contact email.
  • John Marks and Susan Taylor, 4/11/16 with instagram post containing information and contact info.

Unique names with date! Next stop Google!

Bad (You may never see it again.)

  • John and Susan, Together Forever
  • All My Love Forever
  • I am my beloved’s & my beloved is mine – Solomon 6:3
  • Sara and Wayne Underwood, 10-6-15 with no public documents with this wedding information (make search much harder.)

I know it’s not as romantic as poetry or bible quotes, but it’s frustrating for all the heroes to find unmarked jewelry and be unable to return it.

Best wishes to everyone!