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Conflict Archaeology Papers of Interest from Fields of Conflict Conference 2018

The Proceedings from Fields of Conflict Conference 2018 offered two papers of particular interest to me from friends and associates. Conflict Archaeology, Material Culture, and the Role of Validation Studies in Interpreting the Past by  Douglas D. Scott,  Joel Bohy, Charles Haecker, William Rose and Patrick Severts This paper is fascinating, exploring the ways that battlefield bullets

Speaking at SAA Annual Meeting – Best Practices Panel/Workshop

I will be speaking at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) next Spring in Albuquerque on a panel for best practices related to amateur and professional Archaeologists cooperation. I’ve spoken at the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) in the past on similar topics.   I’ll post more specifics as details emerge, and bring back takeaways.  

Adding Tile GPS Key Finders on Metal Detecting Equipment

Somewhere in Jessamine County, Kentucky, there lies a Garrett Pinpointer.  Lost in 2012, it is surely ruined now by snow, rain and ice.  And perhaps was eaten or smashed by a cow.  Or something.  At $120 a pop, these things are not cheap – and losing something like this can disrupt our precious detecting time.

Calculating the Diameter of a Cannonball from a Fragment

Sometimes it’s hard to estimate the diameter of a cannonball with only a fragment, so here’s a quick way to calculate it using two rulers and a bit of geometry in just a few seconds.  After a while you’ll be able to just look at the fragment.  This does require a fragment similar to what