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January 14  • 

Adding Tile GPS Key Finders on Metal Detecting Equipment

Beat up and working great. I have a second generation Tile on my Garrett Carrot. Since the pinpointer is orange, and the device was louder, I didn't...

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September 23  • 

Exploration at the Goodnight Cemetery near Perryville Battlefield

The Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists are publishing "30 Days of Archaeology." One of my projects, the Goodnight Cemetery is one...

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June 20  • 

Using Minelab E-Trac with Pro-Swing Harness – A $8 Hack for More Comfort

Comparing stock E-trac coil to NEL Big Coil I've been using the excellent new NEL Big coil (it's 15 x 17 inches, y'all!) in some of my civil war...

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April 12  • 

Calculating the Diameter of a Cannonball from a Fragment

fig 1) Measure inside diameter of ball fragment to get PX. Sometimes it's hard to estimate the diameter of a cannonball with only a fragment, so...

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December 30  • 

Metal Detecting Civil War Union Camp – Documenting Plowed Fields’ Role in War’s Waning Months

With the holiday break, I've made a lot of progress on the exploratory survey of the Civil War Union campsite in NE Kentucky. It's been incredibly...

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December 8  • 

Constructing a Narrative with My Metal Detector – a Kentucky Civil War Moment

I have been doing research on a large property which contains known US Civil War action, and I'm starting to build a data set - venturing even to...

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August 21  • 

Social Media and Archaeology – Presentation at MSU Digital Archaeology Event

Excellent new presentation from Terry Brock (Montpelier Foundation) and Lynne Goldstein of MSU on use of Social Media by Archaeologists presented at...

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October 30  • 

Using Maprika for Metal Detecting, Archaeology and Genealogy Field Work

In the field... following an old road that no longer exists.  The blue dot shows modern GPS coordinates on the old map - corrected for map...

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October 27  • 

Google Earth and Metal Detecting – What Obsession Looks Like

Other detectorists fear my Google Earth database...

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October 11  • 

Beyond the Liability Release Document for Metal Detecting – Personal Liability Insurance and Proof

I have been turned down several times by farm owners who cite liability concerns related to my presence on their property (and these were some...

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