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Guest Post: Dick Stout responds to my “Who’s to blame” post.

Dick intended this to be a response to my post but the comment system I was trying blocked him.  So I’m posting it here from his site in its entirety. Scott’s blog “Who’s to blame” is on the money, and a topic that always gets my attention. I guess that’s because his comments align with

Who’s to blame for continued metal detecting bans on public lands?

As the independent detector shop dwindles in the era of e-commerce, we have lost a critical link in the education of hobbyists on the ethical use of detectors.  They used to be the front-line:  Getting permission, filling holes, writing your congressman… these were all responsibilities of our hobby – and you were taught in many

Archaeology and Academia – here is my peace pipe

I have a huge amount of respect for the archaeology and related academic disciplines.   And I hate the bad blood that’s being flung around in Frankfort right now.  Mistrustful allegations and unsubstantiated exaggerations are good for nobody. But taking uncompromising positions is not acceptable either.  Yes, there is a permitting system in place in KY state parks, but nobody except