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September 21  • 

Applying Social Media and Game Theory to a Self-Regulating Metal Detecting Community

I'm a bit of an idealist. As is stands, all potentially historic public land in Kentucky is "off limits" to detecting.  This includes...

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July 4  • 

Guest Post: Dick Stout responds to my “Who’s to blame” post.

Dick intended this to be a response to my post but the comment system I was trying blocked him.  So I'm posting it here from his site in its...

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June 25  • 

Who’s to blame for continued metal detecting bans on public lands?

We are responsible for keeping public lands open. As the independent detector shop dwindles in the era of e-commerce, we have lost a critical link...

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March 15  • 

Archaeology and Academia – here is my peace pipe

I have a huge amount of respect for the archaeology and related academic disciplines.   And I hate the bad blood that's being flung around in...

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March 2  • 

The Impossible Idealism of the “Professionals-Only” Relic Hunt – A Hat/Tip Post.

Today, on one of my favorite forums, I saw a post that caught my eye, especially this headline: The Impossible Idealism of the "Professionals-Only"...

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March 1  • 

Excellent Example of Preservation and Metal Detecting Interests working together.

Working Together  (click to view on youtube.) And here is how you can volunteer to work with archaeologist as a detectorist.  At least in some...

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