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October 27  • 

Metal Detecting Photography by Scott Clark for 2016

These are the images I've submitted to Whites Detecting for consideration in their calendar. No matter if they use them, I thought you might...

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March 27  • 

Civil War Musket Wipe Tool / Musket Worm Tool

Click to zoom I wanted to show this amazingly great condition musket wipe, apparently lost in the chaos of a major artillery engagement.  These...

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December 30  • 

Metal Detecting Civil War Union Camp – Documenting Plowed Fields’ Role in War’s Waning Months

With the holiday break, I've made a lot of progress on the exploratory survey of the Civil War Union campsite in NE Kentucky. It's been incredibly...

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June 2  • 

Wiggs Chemical Token – 1930s – Pre-Nazi Swastika on “Lucky Coin” Coupon.

Token in-situ - just dug. Brass (c1931-1932) 2.6 cm diameter (1") - depth 4" - lawn The Swastika is one of the most powerful symbols on Earth,...

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February 20  • 

Big Silver from an Old School

This coin is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half I found at an old school.  I was about to pack it in for the day because there were so many clad coins....

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December 7  • 

Metal Detecting Community on Google+ Is Live – and it’s cool!

Google rolled out their answer to Facebook Groups yesterday, it's called Google Community.  It's full of the slick, modern and mobile friendly...

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November 24  • 

Time Travel is Possible, With the Right Gear (and a Bit of Research.)

time travel is possible, with the right gear and a bit of research....

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November 12  • 

5-inch long 1800s Skeleton Key at 10″

Now this is a serious key.   Found at an early 1800s location, this key was over 10" deep.  My E-trac was maxed out at 30 sensitivity to find it....

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October 28  • 

1838 House Reluctantly Gives up Some Great Metal Detecting Finds

The house looked perfect.  As soon as I put my coil to the ground I knew my day was going to be a tough one.  Iron filled soil immediately nulled...

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October 23  • 

A Frustrating Metal Detecting Weekend in Beautiful Autumn Color and Perfect Weather

It's been one of those weekends where things just didn't line up.  My planned hunt was squashed by a homeowner being out of town (and wanting to be...

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