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Civil War Musket Wipe Tool / Musket Worm Tool

I wanted to show this amazingly great condition musket wipe, apparently lost in the chaos of a major artillery engagement.  These were attached to the end of the steel ram-rod and . used to clear debris from the barrel, such as paper wadding that had not been expelled. Some worm designs were sturdy enough that they

Big Silver from an Old School

This coin is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half I found at an old school.  I was about to pack it in for the day because there were so many clad coins.  Glad I stayed around for a bit longer.  It gave a loud 15-48 on the E-trac.  Nearly blew my ears off.

Metal Detecting Community on Google+ Is Live – and it’s cool!

Google rolled out their answer to Facebook Groups yesterday, it’s called Google Community.  It’s full of the slick, modern and mobile friendly features that Google+ has.  I think it will be a big improvement, especially for those using smartphones. Most metal detecting forums are created with 10-year-old software and are a bit clunky.  This system

5-inch long 1800s Skeleton Key at 10″

Now this is a serious key.   Found at an early 1800s location, this key was over 10″ deep.  My E-trac was maxed out at 30 sensitivity to find it.  Retrieval was a workout.  See below for key with dime for scale.  If I learn more about this key I’ll post.  It seems that “I