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April 25  • 

Metal Detectorists – What Does “Saving History” Mean to You?

Author working on a Public Archaeology Project with Archaeologist Nicolas Laracuente. I've been a digger for over 30 years and am proud to...

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April 21  • 

One good reason you should let detectorists hunt your historic yard.

This is the type of thing that detectorists can rid from your lawn if you give them permission.   This blade was just below grass level.  It would...

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October 11  • 

Beyond the Liability Release Document for Metal Detecting – Personal Liability Insurance and Proof

I have been turned down several times by farm owners who cite liability concerns related to my presence on their property (and these were some...

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October 7  • 

6 Silver Day at 1835 House

I decided to hit a local town and do some freestyling.  I drove around a bit in a historic area and ended up seeing a place with a beautiful big...

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October 4  • 

Metal Detecting Research and Permissions – GPS Marking While Driving Using Smartphone

I have the fever.  I cannot drive through the countryside without adoring old properties.  But often, It's just not the right time to stop and ask...

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September 10  • 

Tips and Small Talk Lead to New Civil War Era Site

I headed out on Sunday to catch the minister of a small country church to ask permission to hunt (it was granted.)  I met several people from the...

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August 29  • 

Why I Always Ask Metal Detecting Permission in Person

When we ask permission to access private property, what impacts whether people will say yes or no?  We must understand the motivations and habits of...

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July 4  • 

Guest Post: Dick Stout responds to my “Who’s to blame” post.

Dick intended this to be a response to my post but the comment system I was trying blocked him.  So I'm posting it here from his site in its...

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June 25  • 

Who’s to blame for continued metal detecting bans on public lands?

We are responsible for keeping public lands open. As the independent detector shop dwindles in the era of e-commerce, we have lost a critical link...

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March 2  • 

The Impossible Idealism of the “Professionals-Only” Relic Hunt – A Hat/Tip Post.

Today, on one of my favorite forums, I saw a post that caught my eye, especially this headline: The Impossible Idealism of the "Professionals-Only"...

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