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January 1  • 

Detecting.US changes for 2013 – Advocacy, Research and Advancing our Hobby

This site will be focusing its mission in 2013.  I will be reducing the "hobby blog" material and increasing the advocacy and research side of...

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September 21  • 

Applying Social Media and Game Theory to a Self-Regulating Metal Detecting Community

I'm a bit of an idealist. As is stands, all potentially historic public land in Kentucky is "off limits" to detecting.  This includes...

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July 3  • 

Odd Finds…. It’s So Hot in KY that the Mercury Dimes are Swelling Up!

During a short hour-long hunt in my recently discovered Mercury dime hotspot in Lexington (so far 12 removed from a 100' x 100' area) I pulled...

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June 18  • 

1910s Pocket Spill, Some Silver and Plug Repair 101

Did a video of some of my hunting Father's day weekend.    Ended up a 6 silver weekend with 3 Rosies, 2 Mercs and a Barber dime, and did live dig...

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