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December 15  • 

Will Cheap CM-Level GPS Replace Stakes, Strings and Tape Measures in Archaeology?

Image: ESA The European Space Agency's Galileo system went live today after a bunch of rocket launches and billions in investment.  Sources say...

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May 21  • 

One of My Searches Featured in Lexington Herald Leader Newspaper

My friend and journalist Tom Eblen spent time to understand the hobby, arrange a new place and travel with me to document the search.  I think he...

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November 22  • 

National Geographic on Metal Detecting – They Actually Tell Both Sides of the Story!

I was alerted by my friend Butch that National Geographic had published a new article about detecting, and was pleased to find they had given both...

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October 11  • renamed to Detecting.US

Quick post to everyone.  I've changed the name of my site to  Pocketspill was cute, but in fact my blog audience has expanded to...

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September 12  • 

Metal Detectorists and Archaeological Teams Cooperate in Certification Program

A promising program for cooperation between professionals and amateurs with the Montpelier Archaeological Certification Program (MACP.) Well done,...

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March 2  • 

The Impossible Idealism of the “Professionals-Only” Relic Hunt – A Hat/Tip Post.

Today, on one of my favorite forums, I saw a post that caught my eye, especially this headline: The Impossible Idealism of the "Professionals-Only"...

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February 19  • 

Youtube / TV doesn’t show the work involved in coinshooting success.

Why'd you wrap your new metal detector around the tree? I'm a huge fan of the hundreds of hunt videos that you'll find on youtube.  Most of these...

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