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December 8  • 

Constructing a Narrative with My Metal Detector – a Kentucky Civil War Moment

I have been doing research on a large property which contains known US Civil War action, and I'm starting to build a data set - venturing even to...

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December 3  • 

Mystery Item: Knights Templar or Crusader’s Cross on Livestock Tag at 11″

I'm going to begin posting some of my mystery finds in hopes that some of the thousands of visitors to this site could help me identify them.   This...

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June 9  • 

A Day at the Inn – Detecting the Site of a Stagecoach Inn in KY

This was the first hunt at a site that was supposedly a stagecoach inn between 1790 and 1850 in South-Central Kentucky.  It was well positioned...

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October 1  • 

Very Early Flat Button With Design

At a church location from the 1830s, I found this designed flat button at around 5" with the E-Trac.  It rank up as a 12-44 and is a bit larger than...

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August 21  • 

“The Blood is The Life”

Found part of an 1880s Quack Medical Device. Going to go back and see if I can find the rest. Looks better in real life than my scanner can show....

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July 3  • 

Odd Finds…. It’s So Hot in KY that the Mercury Dimes are Swelling Up!

During a short hour-long hunt in my recently discovered Mercury dime hotspot in Lexington (so far 12 removed from a 100' x 100' area) I pulled...

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March 1  • 

Excellent Example of Preservation and Metal Detecting Interests working together.

Working Together  (click to view on youtube.) And here is how you can volunteer to work with archaeologist as a detectorist.  At least in some...

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February 3  • 

Manx Triskelion symbol found (Isle of Man?) on Copper Piece

This old beauty found in downtown Lexington.  Copper material... and silver dollar sized.    Saddle?

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