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National Trust for Historic Preservation Google Hangout on Metal Detecting Cooperation

(if the above video won’t play, please use this link This Google Hangout video was produced by National Trust for Historic Preservation  was meant to correspond with their Winter 2015 edition of Preservation Magazine (linked at bottom.) – We discussed cooperation with metal detectorists and Archaeologists in a very informative video conference. During this hangout,

Excavation at Montpelier’s Field Slave Site Was a Moving Experience.

Continued from previous post…. Can this program get any better?  Even though a few of the detectorists are nursing sore muscles, moaning at the early mornings and trying to figure out how to plan apparel for 28F mornings and 60F afternoons, we are rapidly getting into archaeological rhythm.  (We’re only half-joking when we say the

Nailed It! Day 2 of Metal Detecting at Montpelier

After an enjoyable day working the front lawn at Montpelier on the first day, day two at Montpelier started out with a downpour.  It rained hard and we spent several hours in the archaeology lab hearing Dr. Reeves discuss metal detecting techniques (woodland grids) as well as a fascinating (yes, really!) presentation on dating a site with nails.

Minelab Archaeological Certification Program at Montpelier – Day 1

After much preparation and a 7 hour drive yesterday, today started early with a 7:30 team meeting to discuss previous work and goals of the Montpelier Metal Detecting Archaeology program.   The team gathered around coffee and donuts while Matt Reeves, PhD, director of Montpelier’s archaeological program, introduced us to the team as well as

Preparing for a Week of Work at James Madison’s Montpelier

Today I’m cleaning and gathering up my stuff for a trip from Lexington to the Montpelier estate in Virginia to participate in the Montpelier Archaeological Certification Program being conducted via a partnership between Montpelier and Minelab Americas.  This program is being run by Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology and team. I will be posting (as wi-fi allows,)