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February 7  • 

National Trust for Historic Preservation Google Hangout on Metal Detecting Cooperation

This Google Hangout video was produced by National Trust for Historic Preservation  was meant to correspond with their Winter 2015 edition of...

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April 16  • 

Co-Authored Post Featuring Detectorist and Archaeology Cooperation – Today on

I co-authored a blog post at Society for Historical Archaeology's blog with Dr. Matt Reeves of Montpelier.  I hope you'll check it out.  I was...

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March 22  • 

Provenance, Prioritization and Compromise – Metal Detecting and Archaeology Coming To Terms?

I received a series of questions on my last post from a reader named Byron.  As I started my response, I realized that I've heard a similar question...

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March 17  • 

Excavation at Montpelier’s Field Slave Site Was a Moving Experience.

Elliot removing layers at the field slave site Continued from previous post.... Can this program get any better?  Even though a few of the...

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March 15  • 

Montpelier Archaeology Certification Program Day 3 and 4 – Metal Detectorists and Methodology Come Together on Chicken Mountain.

Day 3 and 4 flew by... and I barely had time to blog tonight.  I had been looking forward to the Chicken Mountain wooded hunt during the MACP...

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March 13  • 

Nailed It! Day 2 of Metal Detecting at Montpelier

After an enjoyable day working the front lawn at Montpelier on the first day, day two at Montpelier started out with a downpour.  It rained hard...

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March 12  • 

Minelab Archaeological Certification Program at Montpelier – Day 1

After much preparation and a 7 hour drive yesterday, today started early with a 7:30 team meeting to discuss previous work and goals of the...

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March 9  • 

Preparing for a Week of Work at James Madison’s Montpelier

Today I'm cleaning and gathering up my stuff for a trip from Lexington to the Montpelier estate in Virginia to participate in the Montpelier...

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November 10  • 

Madison and Slave Cemeteries at Montpelier (video clip)

Thought I would share this as I prepare to join the Archaeological team at Montpelier in February 2013.

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September 12  • 

Metal Detectorists and Archaeological Teams Cooperate in Certification Program

A promising program for cooperation between professionals and amateurs with the Montpelier Archaeological Certification Program (MACP.) Well done,...

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