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May 3  • 

Silver Coins at Beautiful Old Kentucky Farms – E-Trac Live Digs with Audio

Silver, silver everywhere - live digs coinshooting silver on private property.  E-trac lessons for two-tone ferrous at beautiful places.   HD...

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November 27  • 

New Live Dig Video – 8 Silvers – 3 ringer and Lessons from the Bushes

Best in HD at Full Screen - enjoy!

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October 7  • 

6 Silver Day at 1835 House

I decided to hit a local town and do some freestyling.  I drove around a bit in a historic area and ended up seeing a place with a beautiful big...

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July 3  • 

Odd Finds…. It’s So Hot in KY that the Mercury Dimes are Swelling Up!

During a short hour-long hunt in my recently discovered Mercury dime hotspot in Lexington (so far 12 removed from a 100' x 100' area) I pulled...

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July 1  • 

Kentucky-fried Metal Detectorist or… WTF are you doing detecting in 103F heat?

Finds from 06/30/2012 Did some freestyling today and ended up at a 1853 farmhouse with a wonderful set of owners. Funny I always start out unsure...

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June 24  • 

A 9-Silver, 2-Trifecta Metal Detecting Hunt

I set out Saturday with several possible destinations in mind - ready to beg for permissions and possibly end up heading to my backup spots.   But...

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June 18  • 

1910s Pocket Spill, Some Silver and Plug Repair 101

Did a video of some of my hunting Father's day weekend.    Ended up a 6 silver weekend with 3 Rosies, 2 Mercs and a Barber dime, and did live dig...

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June 17  • 

Hitting more Silver with the E-trac

This past weekend have done pretty well with the Silver - Rosie, Two Mercs and a Beautiful 1916 Barber.   I also got a mystery pendant I'm working...

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June 4  • 

2 live silver pocketspill digs and E-trac silver song

Three hunts captured including two with silver pocketspills.  First video showing the use of my new Lesche Sampson 31-T shovel - which I *love* ......

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May 30  • 

Old Farmhouse Delivers a 5-silver day

I love old farmhouses.  Somewhere East of Lexington I was granted permission to hunt an 1899 farmhouse near a highway.  The hunt didn't quite turn...

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