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Adding Tile GPS Key Finders on Metal Detecting Equipment

Somewhere in Jessamine County, Kentucky, there lies a Garrett Pinpointer.  Lost in 2012, it is surely ruined now by snow, rain and ice.  And perhaps was eaten or smashed by a cow.  Or something.  At $120 a pop, these things are not cheap – and losing something like this can disrupt our precious detecting time.

An Often Indefensible Assertion: “We’re Saving History.”

When I hear detectorists talking about “Saving History” these days I can’t help but form the follow up questions in my head. Saving for whom? Saving from what? What do you think history is? Who will access what you’ve saved so that it’s useful? How will you ensure the “history” you’ve saved is available after

Why I Always Ask Metal Detecting Permission in Person

When we ask permission to access private property, what impacts whether people will say yes or no?  We must understand the motivations and habits of information consumers.   So I read a lot of research like this about how people behave.  When it crossed my desk recently and I immediately thought about how it applies directly to

Grand Army of the Republic Button

Found, at an early 1800s site, a Grand Army of the Republic Button.  It’s in poor condition and thus shows how mportant it is to get these artifacts out of the ground. At least this was rescued before it dissolved completely.  “The Grand Army of the Republic was founded in 1866 by Benjamin F. Stephe nson

Heath Hazards of Detecting in Warm Weather

Sunburn – when will I remember to put sunscreen on my neck? Dehydration – drink lots of water when you’re out.   A cooler is a great idea and they’re cheap. Tendonitis– detecting uses a lot of muscles – my Achilles tendon is strained now.  Stretching is a great idea, as is rotating your swing, changing how

Detecting Videos and the Cutting Room Floor

I’m a  fan of the of hunt videos that you’ll find on youtube.  It’s enough to make the average Joe run out and get a new detector! And yesterday I learned that there will be a National Geographic TV show called “Diggers” about metal detecting that will air in a few weeks.   I then saw