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June 9  • 

A Day at the Inn – Detecting the Site of a Stagecoach Inn in KY

This was the first hunt at a site that was supposedly a stagecoach inn between 1790 and 1850 in South-Central Kentucky.  It was well positioned...

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November 14  • 

High Definition Live Digs Video – 1860/1870 House, Silver, Large Copper and Great Artifacts

Here's the latest high-definition live digs video including my day-long hunt at an 1860/1870 house, some great coins and a terrific artifact. I...

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October 28  • 

1838 House Reluctantly Gives up Some Great Metal Detecting Finds

The house looked perfect.  As soon as I put my coil to the ground I knew my day was going to be a tough one.  Iron filled soil immediately nulled...

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July 30  • 

My New Oldest Coin Rescue – By Three Years

I've been enjoying the soft ground and milder temps to get out and do some hunting.  At one 1820's house I got a solid 12-45 on the E-trac near an...

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February 7  • 

Metal Detecting Video: Full Dig of 1838 Large Cent, + Some Silver and Tips

You might want to bump this to HD to watch.   My first video using the Hero2 head cam for part of the hunt.

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