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August 30  • 

Recovered Great Grandma’s Heirloom Wedding Band

Had another ring recovery today in Lexington for Leanne, who called me after seeing the article in the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Her son had been...

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June 3  • 

Two-ring wedding band recovery for Dianna in Lexington

Dianna emailed me about having her rings missing in the back yard - but that her 3-year-old had told her pretty much where they were lost.  "Behind...

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October 18  • 

Engagement Ring Recovery in Winchester

Received a call from Ashley in Winchester, KY about a lost ring amongst the leaves.  She'd spent hours searching, and even borrowed a metal...

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September 8  • 

Wedding Ring Found for Michigan Student

Few know that metal detector hobbyists are also very generous with their time and talent all around the world.  Volunteers exist in every state and...

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May 21  • 

One of My Searches Featured in Lexington Herald Leader Newspaper

My friend and journalist Tom Eblen spent time to understand the hobby, arrange a new place and travel with me to document the search.  I think he...

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November 27  • 

New Live Dig Video – 8 Silvers – 3 ringer and Lessons from the Bushes

Best in HD at Full Screen - enjoy!

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October 23  • 

A Frustrating Metal Detecting Weekend in Beautiful Autumn Color and Perfect Weather

It's been one of those weekends where things just didn't line up.  My planned hunt was squashed by a homeowner being out of town (and wanting to be...

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September 30  • 

Gold Ring Recovery from a Horse Paddock Makes for One Happy Farm Hand

Thanks to my high rank in Google for "metal detector rental in KY", I got a call from a farm owner saying that Miguel, a new farm hand on his second...

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August 21  • 

Metal Detecting Live Digs – Barber Quarter, Tiny Money and A Heart-Stopping Antique

Here's my latest live dig video, eight minutes long.   This is my most successful video edit in terms of clarity I've done.  I was doing my live...

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August 21  • 

“The Blood is The Life”

Found part of an 1880s Quack Medical Device. Going to go back and see if I can find the rest. Looks better in real life than my scanner can show....

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