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May 3  • 

Silver Coins at Beautiful Old Kentucky Farms – E-Trac Live Digs with Audio

Silver, silver everywhere - live digs coinshooting silver on private property.  E-trac lessons for two-tone ferrous at beautiful places.   HD...

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November 27  • 

New Live Dig Video – 8 Silvers – 3 ringer and Lessons from the Bushes

Best in HD at Full Screen - enjoy!

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November 20  • 

Knee Pads for Metal Detecting – Reviewing Three Very Different Pair

At hunting spots such as this, the ground can have all manner of hazards. Having good knee pads can protect your knees and make the hunt much more...

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June 18  • 

1910s Pocket Spill, Some Silver and Plug Repair 101

Did a video of some of my hunting Father's day weekend.    Ended up a 6 silver weekend with 3 Rosies, 2 Mercs and a Barber dime, and did live dig...

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April 27  • 

Best Metal Detecting Shovel: Lesche Sampson 31″ T-Handle Serrated Blade Shovel

A week ago, I made a stupid mistake.  I left my Lesche "Relic" shovel at an old house.  When I returned, it was gone.  This review describes other...

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April 8  • 

Heath Hazards of Detecting in Warm Weather

Sunburn - when will I remember to put sunscreen on my neck? Dehydration - drink lots of water when you're out.   A cooler is a great idea and...

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January 29  • 

These guys can dig a plug

I saw this online and couldn't help but think what NICE plugs these guys dig. Actually... Chinese soldiers buried 280 biodegradable urns during a...

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