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Silver Coins at Beautiful Old Kentucky Farms – E-Trac Live Digs with Audio

Silver, silver everywhere – live digs coinshooting silver on private property.  E-trac lessons for two-tone ferrous at beautiful places.   HD viewing mode recommended, I removed the fisheye effect, there’s lots of detail in the video. Detector sounds on 90% of the live digs.   Many more live digs coming now that my GoPro is

Knee Pads for Metal Detecting – Reviewing Three Very Different Pair

When metal detecting, I find that kneepads are a necessity.  As you kneel to pinpoint and dig targets, your knees are exposed to all manner of rough surfaces, rocks, and other hazards.   So, I go through 2-3 pair per year – and each time I’ve bought different types, trying to find a favorite. For

1910s Pocket Spill, Some Silver and Plug Repair 101

Did a video of some of my hunting Father’s day weekend.    Ended up a 6 silver weekend with 3 Rosies, 2 Mercs and a Barber dime, and did live dig video on two of them.  This video is fun because of a 5-coin 1910s pocketspill (copper and nickle.)  Enjoy and subscribe!

Heath Hazards of Detecting in Warm Weather

Sunburn – when will I remember to put sunscreen on my neck? Dehydration – drink lots of water when you’re out.   A cooler is a great idea and they’re cheap. Tendonitis– detecting uses a lot of muscles – my Achilles tendon is strained now.  Stretching is a great idea, as is rotating your swing, changing how

These guys can dig a plug

I saw this online and couldn’t help but think what NICE plugs these guys dig. Actually… Chinese soldiers buried 280 biodegradable urns during a collective eco-burial ceremony at the cemetery of Tianjin on Tuesday.