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A Day at the Inn – Detecting the Site of a Stagecoach Inn in KY

This was the first hunt at a site that was supposedly a stagecoach inn between 1790 and 1850 in South-Central Kentucky.  It was well positioned between the Kentucky river and more populated areas along a now-defunct route for wagons and stagecoaches.   The owners were wonderful folks, offering me generous access and incredible hospitality.  I

Tips and Small Talk Lead to New Civil War Era Site

I headed out on Sunday to catch the minister of a small country church to ask permission to hunt (it was granted.)  I met several people from the church, all of them, including the minister were nicer than nice.  Before I knew it, he was telling me of an old African-American church location near his

My New Oldest Coin Rescue – By Three Years

I’ve been enjoying the soft ground and milder temps to get out and do some hunting.  At one 1820’s house I got a solid 12-45 on the E-trac near an old tree stump.  Underground, it was almost solid rotten wood – but the signal was pure and consistent.  With only a 20 second dig time,

1910s Pocket Spill, Some Silver and Plug Repair 101

Did a video of some of my hunting Father’s day weekend.    Ended up a 6 silver weekend with 3 Rosies, 2 Mercs and a Barber dime, and did live dig video on two of them.  This video is fun because of a 5-coin 1910s pocketspill (copper and nickle.)  Enjoy and subscribe!

Coinshooting Finds – Slicing the Iron-Infested Farm

This past weekend, I took advantage of the nice weather to hunt an 1820s-era farm.  The conditions are difficult.  Every coil swing reveals 4-5 iron signals, so I had to run the E-Trac in two-tone ferrous *all day* with a 6″ coil which is exhausting.  Here are some of the finds. 1877 Seated Liberty Dime