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December 30  • 

Metal Detecting Civil War Union Camp – Documenting Plowed Fields’ Role in War’s Waning Months

With the holiday break, I've made a lot of progress on the exploratory survey of the Civil War Union campsite in NE Kentucky. It's been incredibly...

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December 8  • 

Constructing a Narrative with My Metal Detector – a Kentucky Civil War Moment

I have been doing research on a large property which contains known US Civil War action, and I'm starting to build a data set - venturing even to...

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August 31  • 

Navy Petty Officer Button… in Kentucky?

Fun find near the location of a Union hospital in Central Kentucky was this Naval Petty Officer button from the union army.  I plan to offer it to...

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July 10  • 

Metal Detecting Research at the Henry Clay Estate / Ashland

The Henry Clay Estate is a fixture in Lexington, and has a rich, rich history.  Henry Clay was known as  “The Great Compromiser,” Clay...

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April 21  • 

Five 1789 George Washington Buttons in One Day by CT Detectorist

I found this story almost unbelievable.  Dave Wise was hunting a 1750s home in Connecticut and found all of these at one site. He recounted...

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January 15  • 

Metal Detecting Hunt for Coins – 1838 Half Dime

A couple of recent hunts and a previously lost clip finding an 1838 half dime!

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October 7  • 

6 Silver Day at 1835 House

I decided to hit a local town and do some freestyling.  I drove around a bit in a historic area and ended up seeing a place with a beautiful big...

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October 1  • 

Very Early Flat Button With Design

At a church location from the 1830s, I found this designed flat button at around 5" with the E-Trac.  It rank up as a 12-44 and is a bit larger than...

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August 6  • 

Grand Army of the Republic Button

Found, at an early 1800s site, a Grand Army of the Republic Button.  It's in poor condition and thus shows how mportant it is to get these artifacts...

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July 1  • 

Kentucky-fried Metal Detectorist or… WTF are you doing detecting in 103F heat?

Finds from 06/30/2012 Did some freestyling today and ended up at a 1853 farmhouse with a wonderful set of owners. Funny I always start out unsure...

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