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Big Silver, Tiny Silver On Beautiful Autumn Metal Detecting Hunt

It was going to be a perfect weather day for detecting – highs in the 50s, no rain.  I gave a call to a great property owner in Bourbon County, KY with whom I’d discussed detecting his 1810 family homestead and he welcomed me to come detecting.  I’d been there before in the Summer and

One of My Searches Featured in Lexington Herald Leader Newspaper

My friend and journalist Tom Eblen spent time to understand the hobby, arrange a new place and travel with me to document the search.  I think he did a great job and am proud to share this article with you all. If you’re new to my blog, welcome!   If you have property you’d like

6 Silver Day at 1835 House

I decided to hit a local town and do some freestyling.  I drove around a bit in a historic area and ended up seeing a place with a beautiful big yard, dating from around 1830-1840.  I built up the nerve and knocked on the door.  The owner couldn’t be any nicer.  He had bought the

My 1899 Barber Quarter

I love digging silver.   This beauty came out of the plug after a solid 14-47 at 6″  (be sure and check out the live dig video – this coin is dug near the end.

Hitting more Silver with the E-trac

This past weekend have done pretty well with the Silver – Rosie, Two Mercs and a Beautiful 1916 Barber.   I also got a mystery pendant I’m working to identify.  And a cool old container. Saturday I also pulled a 5-coin pocketspill (1910s!!!) that had no silver in it (with a live dig on video to be