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November 24  • 

Big Silver, Tiny Silver On Beautiful Autumn Metal Detecting Hunt

It was going to be a perfect weather day for detecting - highs in the 50s, no rain.  I gave a call to a great property owner in Bourbon County, KY...

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May 21  • 

One of My Searches Featured in Lexington Herald Leader Newspaper

My friend and journalist Tom Eblen spent time to understand the hobby, arrange a new place and travel with me to document the search.  I think he...

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November 14  • 

High Definition Live Digs Video – 1860/1870 House, Silver, Large Copper and Great Artifacts

Here's the latest high-definition live digs video including my day-long hunt at an 1860/1870 house, some great coins and a terrific artifact. I...

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October 28  • 

1838 House Reluctantly Gives up Some Great Metal Detecting Finds

The house looked perfect.  As soon as I put my coil to the ground I knew my day was going to be a tough one.  Iron filled soil immediately nulled...

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October 7  • 

6 Silver Day at 1835 House

I decided to hit a local town and do some freestyling.  I drove around a bit in a historic area and ended up seeing a place with a beautiful big...

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August 21  • 

Metal Detecting Live Digs – Barber Quarter, Tiny Money and A Heart-Stopping Antique

Here's my latest live dig video, eight minutes long.   This is my most successful video edit in terms of clarity I've done.  I was doing my live...

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August 20  • 

My 1899 Barber Quarter

I love digging silver.   This beauty came out of the plug after a solid 14-47 at 6"  (be sure and check out the live dig video - this coin is dug...

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June 17  • 

Hitting more Silver with the E-trac

This past weekend have done pretty well with the Silver - Rosie, Two Mercs and a Beautiful 1916 Barber.   I also got a mystery pendant I'm working...

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