"It was good to get out."

“It was good to get out.”

Detectorist Says:   I went out today for a quick hunt (includes a photo of an incredible find.)
Reality:  Hunted Dusk to Dawn for 3 weeks.  Found 25lbs of trash, then found the shown item on the way back to the car.

Detectorist Says:  It was good to get out!
Reality:  Hunted ass off, found nothing, pissed and ready to wrap detector around a tree.  Posted photo of something found last year.

Detectorist Says:   Hit one of my old reliable sites today.
Reality:  Knocked on 20 doors and got 20 rejections, so I went to the site I already have permission for.

Detectorist Says:  I was going through my finds and thought I’d share.
Reality:  I’ve found nothing recently, but want to stay alive on social media, so I took new pictures of stuff I’d posted before hoping nobody would notice.

Detectorist Says:  The coin had a bit of wear.
Reality:  Smooth disk.

Detectorist Says:  The neighbor came over and asked questions.
Reality:  The neighbor fired his pistol in the air asking WTF I was doing and peppered our tailgate with his shotgun.

Detectorist Says:  I forgot my camera so I didn’t get a pic of it in the hole
Reality:  I didn’t find anything so photographed item bought on eblay.
(Derived from David Osbon’s idea)


Detectorist Says:  I was running with a wide open screen.
Reality:  I ran with a wide open screen until I got tired, then I discriminated the sh** out of it.

Detectorist Says:  There were a few shotgun shells.
Reality:  There were 10,000 shotgun shells made of every type of metal and pass the Advil.

Detectorist Says:  I soaked it in a little olive oil.
Reality:  I scrubbed it for 2 hours with steel wool and then put it in olive oil.

Detectorists Says:  I plan to use electrolysis on this
Reality:  It’ll be in a 5 gallon bucket of scrap iron behind the garage in 2 years.

Detectorist Says:  I found this on the way back to the truck as it was getting dark.
Reality:  I was going to leave 4 hours earlier but damned if I’m going to be skunked so used the truck headlights to keep hunting.

Detectorist Says:  The site was a little grown up.
Reality:  The brush was so thick a snake couldn’t slither through.  I got lost in a field the size of a McDonald’s parking lot.

Detectorist Says:  We researched the site for hours.
Reality:  An old timer we saw mowing said there was a house site in the field and pointed.  We spent the rest of the day trying to figure what in the world he meant.

15338754_378919375833003_6847614371100987405_nDetectorist Says:  The house had been abandoned for 40 years.
Reality:  Teenagers have been partying at the house for 40 years and there are 20,000 beer lids, pull tabs and condom wrappers everywhere.

Detectorist Says:  We said “hi” to some hunters who walked by our hunt spot.
Reality: We were wearing camo so got mistaken for deer and nearly got our asses shot.

Detectorist Says:  My camera batteries were dead and I didn’t get any pictures.
Reality:  I didn’t find anything!
(from David Osbon)

Detectorist Says:  I posted a video of the hunt.
Reality:  I posted 2 minutes of hunting and 30 minutes of talking about my finds in my den drinking beer.

Detectorist Says:  Video is just a little shaky
Reality:  20 minutes of blurry, noisy nothingness.

Detectorist Says:  I found a purse full of coins!
Reality:  It was $3.57 in coins dated after 1985, but it’ll buy a cheeseburger.

Detectorist Says:  We had to hike waaaay into this site
Reality:  We parked 100 feet away, but since you can’t see the truck in the video/pictures, it might as well have been 5 miles in.

Detectorist Says:  I lost my shovel in the brush somewhere on the hike.
Reality:  I had stupidly covered my shovel in camo duct tape because it looks cool, but it vanished the second I laid it down.


Welp, I found coins. But they were all Zincolns

Detectorist Says:  I think I had dirt under my coil cover.
Reality:  There was an electric fence 20′ away that I forgot about and I spent all day trying to tune the machine.

Detectorist Says:  I was super careful around this signal so I don’t scratch it.
Reality:  Last year I cut a CS buckle in half with my shovel but hell will freeze over before I show you pictures of that.

Detectorist Says:  Silver, Silver, Silver!!!!!
Reality:  I found three worn 1964 Rosies in 18 hours of hunting and one 1965 that I’m going to leave dirty so I can pretend it was silver.

Detectorist Says:  The E-trac was acting up.
Reality:  I left my X-10 probe in probe mode for half the day by accident.

Detectorist Says:  We ran into a bit of can slaw.
Reality:  The property owner threw cans in the yard when he was drunk and then mowed whole six pack’s worth every week or so.

Detectorist Says:  This place burned down in the 1800s.
Reality:  There are 10,000 nails and 5,000 pieces of window glass in 2500 square feet, so we just went and had a beer instead.

Detectorist Says: We documented the site.
Reality:  We wrote down the first 2-3 finds and then used the notebook for toilet paper.

Detectorist Says:  Found a civil war site.
Reality:  Single Minie Ball from post-war 1920s rabbit hunt found last year.



(list in progress, ideas welcome.)