folk-art-rest-detectorProven Metal Detector Settings

In this section I’m providing field-proven metal detector settings/methods that have solved the intended issues in Kentucky.  Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia.  Hot soil or beaches are not in my repertoire so these may not work well in those conditions.  Please provide feedback to me as you try these, as we can all learn from each other.

Specific Metal Detector Settings for Different Machines

The number of metal detector settings will increase over time, so check back and bookmark the page. Those not yet linked will be added below.

Choose the machine you want tips for…

  • XP Deus Metal Detector Methods
    • Relic 2 Methodology
      XP-Deus Setup Guide
      Super flexible setup helps you zero in on the best setup for your relic hunt.  Used by hundreds and feedback has come from around the world.
    • IJWFC
      I Just Want a F**** Coin XP-Deus Methodology
      You’re short on time and you may not get back to this permission again.  This is an approach that will bring you some good finds in short time, but will definitely leave some things behind.
    • RHIFS
      Relic Hunt in Field Stubble XP-Deus Settings Program
      The farmer has cut the field, but lots of stubble remains, preventing you from getting your coil to the ground.  How do you hunt this field anyway?
  • E-trac Metal Detector Settings
    • Limited Time Mode
    • TTF (Two Tone Ferrous) mode
    • FTF (Four Tone Ferrous) mode