Spending your time wisely is key to having a search like this

Where should you search for old coins?   

I did a fun mental exercise where I calculated scores for different types of sites based on these variables:

  • foot traffic
  • money changing hands
  • chances for pocket spills (sitting)
  • clean ground
  • easy permissions
  • low iron levels  (1-5)

From scores on each of these, I calculated the probability that one would have a good metal detecting day.  I did not add in a variable (yet) for how often a places is hunted, so just assume these are “average” hunting sites – not too many people have detected, but they may not be virgin either.

This is for entertainment only – don’t take it too seriously.   If you want a copy of the spreadsheet, first log into Google and then click here.  It’ll prompt you to make your own copy.

If you’re having trouble seeing the spreadsheet, click here to open it directly in Google Docs:

Created by Scott Clark – please credit and link to https://www.detecting.us if you use this anywhere.