Do you have access to a farm or wooded property in Kentucky? I’d like to talk to you!

Do you have access to a farm or wooded property in Kentucky?   I’d like to talk to you! 

scott-detectingMy name is Scott Clark, I am a certified, insured and reputable metal detectorist living in Lexington.  

Here are some facts:

  • I need permissions to metal detect – I cooperate with property owners for access.
  • I do not do it for money nor do I sell my finds. 
  • I am an expert at identifying historic sites and artifacts on farmland.
  • I volunteer my time regularly to various causes that can use my talent.
  • I work with archaeologists regularly on projects and hold certifications in Archaeology.
  • I speak at Archaeology conferences and write in Archaeology blogs.

Email me via or call / text 270-681-2659 (this is a voice mail box but I will call you right back!)

Questions People Ask:

Why do you do this?   Do you sell your finds?
For the fun of the hunt!   I love history and I’ve never sold one item.   I get physical benefits, get to explore history, meet new people and discover wonderful places.  I spend many weekends a year helping archaeologists, helping people who have lost jewelry such as wedding bands, and volunteering my time.

Will you dig holes on my property?
80% of finds are less than 6″ deep… so recovery is simple and hard to see afterward.  Within 24 hours the ground is completely healed.  My goals is to leave NO trace!

Will you tell others about my property?
I can be trusted with the location of your property and your privacy.   I don’t disclose specifics or save GPS coordinates on photographs of objects or terrain.

Are you insured?
Yes!!!   In addition to a State Farm umbrella policy, I use old-fashioned common sense (the best kind of insurance.)  I wear heavy snake boots and gloves, carry first aid and wear high-visibility clothing in the woods.   I’m naturally cautious and avoid dangerous situations and I never enter structures!  I always follow property owner instructions.

Are you careful around livestock or horses?  
I grew up in the country around horses and livestock.  I never spook cattle or horses and leave all gates as found.  I fill in holes that could injure cattle or horses and report any problems.  I have helped many farmers this way!  I remove dangerous metallic and sharp objects that can hurt horses’ feet around cabin/house sites [/highlight]

This is the type of junk removed from cabin/house sites.  By removing it during metal detecting, I can keep this stuff out of your horse's/cattle's feet!

Removed from field where horses graze during house site detecting visit – THESE ITEMS will never be stuck in a horse/cattle hoof now!

Who keeps the items found?
My hunting is “full disclosure” – nothing is taken from the property without the owner’s permission.  To do otherwise would be stealing.  In the many years I’ve done this, most property owners allow me to keep most items, but that is never “expected.”  I photograph all finds for my “digital collection” but am careful not to identify the property.  Splitting finds is fair most of the time considering the work involved.  If an heirloom is found, I might ask your permission to return it to the original owner or their family.

Are finds valuable?
Generally, no, if you’re thinking of dollar value.  This is not profitable – think of it like fishing.   The value comes in the fun of the hunt, and the fun of history, new friends and spending time in beautiful places!  While many people call this “treasure hunting” – it’s not really – it’s more like “time travel.”

When will you hunt?
I’d like to have flexibility to come in daylight when the weather is nice, almost always on weekends.   Just what you’d expect.  If the owner is not present, I will call or text when I arrive and when I leave.  I can be trusted on your property even without your presence, and am frequently given access “whenever.”    My presence at your unoccupied property is a security ASSET, not risk.

Articles in the Herald Leader about me:


Some finds:

Email me via or call / text 270-681-2659 (this is a voice mail box but I will call you right back!)

Metal Detecting in the USA - Scott Clark

Thanks!  I look forward to talking with you!