Why should horse farm owners grant access to metal detectorists?


Sawblade just below the grass in a paddock in Kentucky

Simply put – protecting their horses.  While the search is obviously for historic items such as coins, buttons, etc, of frequent interest to horse farm owners is the “incidental” removal of sharp objects which represent an infection danger to horses or livestock.  It’s normal that I will remove near-surface nails, saw blades, spikes and other bizarre shards.

Buckets full of risk, hauled away for free.

While a metal detectorist may not extract all of the dangerous items, they will cut the risks down significantly.  I agree with property owners that any near-surface iron objects will be removed in my “trash” bag, and I will happily show them this material when done hunting.

Property for sale?  They’ll love the fact you cleaned the metal out.

A nail scan can be a strong advantage when the potential buyer is looking to buy the land where a house or cabin once stood.  They know from experience that these sites are full of dangers for the horse, even up to 20-30′ from the structure’s former spot.  Telling them you had an expert metal detectorist come and remove the offensive metal can be a real confidence builder.

Insured, farm-aware and careful.

I am insured, farm-aware and careful.  I carry an umbrella insurance policy that follows me when I hunt.  I also wear thick boots, gloves and remain aware of my surroundings.  I’m extremely careful around livestock and grew up around horses.   Most horse owners move their horses while I’m searching, but it’s not required if the horses are not terribly curious.


No holes left on property, so no ankles will pay the price.All holes are filled in to avoid injury to people or animals that might step in them and break an ankle.  Manicured lawns are put back in perfect condition with special recovery techniques.


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