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This file, when unzipped and imported into Google Earth, will locate hundreds of Kentucky Cemeteries.  You can then select some of them to export into your GPS or smartphone/map.

  1. Download and unzip this file:  https://www.detecting.us/kycemeteries
  2. Use Google Earth to open the file.
  3. Save desired locations to your My Locations file for export to GPS or other research.

Tip: To find even more, smaller family cemeteries, you may want to check out Maprika, a smartphone/tablet App.   Most of Central KY has been digitized by me already and available in the Maprika cloud.   If you need assistance with a specific issue, please use the contact info on the right.

If you’d like me to digitize a map for you to Maprika, I may be able to help.   You will need to send me a very high resolution version of that map (at least 2000×2000) along with some instructions.  Note that the resulting map would be PUBLIC.

I’ve also been considering other means for near-to-site locating, such as use of wide-band-radio and bluetooth for Archaeology