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Adding Tile GPS Key Finders on Metal Detecting Equipment

Somewhere in Jessamine County, Kentucky, there lies a Garrett Pinpointer.  Lost in 2012, it is surely ruined now by snow, rain and ice.  And perhaps was eaten or smashed by a cow.  Or something.  At $120 a pop, these things are not cheap – and losing something like this can disrupt our precious detecting time.

Wireless Whisper Headphones for Deus XP WS4 – Field Test

If you can’t hear the full range of tones for the Deus metal detector, you are tossing out a good portion of the machine’s capability.  To me, metal detecting headphones are like the tires on the car where you don’t compromise or you put the whole system in jeopardy. With my E-trac, I use wired Gray

Best Metal Detecting Belt Solution – Cobra Buckle

When detecting, we tend to carry a lot of items on a belt, including a finds bag, pinpointer, digger and often other things.  Most belts have cheap buckles that are a pain in the butt to remove, and are even harder to cinch down so they don’t sag.  Well, here’s the solution and I’ve found

The best metal detecting and relic hunting gloves. Period.

Wanted to make a quick post that might save some others some hassles. Detecting without gloves is foolish. Glass, nails and other very nasty stuff resides a few inches underground. I’ve pulled at least a dozen razor blades this year alone (another reason for parents should love metal detectorists.) I’ve tried 8-10 types of gloves

Metal Detecting Shovels – The Best Metal Detecting Digging Tools

A week ago, I made a stupid mistake.  I left my Lesche “Relic” metal detecting shovel at an old house.  When I returned, it was gone.  This review describes other relic-hunting shovels I’ve owned and why now, I’m in love with the Sampson.  Here’s the story. I was pissed to see $60 walk away to

The Quick Belt System: A Good System for Metal Detecting?

EDIT – 11/14/15 – The best configuration is the 14 pocket bag, a belt module and a cobra tactical belt (not his) – it has large and small pocket plus a loop that works perfectly for ProPointer.  I’ve been using it for almost 4 years.  For me, the main limiting factor for metal detecting is time.