Past Articles and Posts about Metal Detecting

April 1  • 

Lexington Metal Detectorist Discovers Evidence of Romans in Kentucky

Roman Gold and Garnet disk- AD 200-400 was one of the first non-coin finds to be recovered. [UPDATE:  CNN says it might be around 5:40 Eastern...

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March 21  • 

Johnson School “Penny Lunch” Token – Aluminum – Lexington Kentucky (Fayette Co. Schools)

[click to zoom]This Johnson School "Penny Lunch" token (aluminum) was OVER 13" deep on private property on the North side of Lexington. It remains...

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February 13  • 

Rare Winchester (Kentucky) City Railway Company Token

Winchester Railway 1-Fare Token.....Sometimes a small artifact found in an old house really gives us a rare connection to local history. This very...

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January 14  • 

Adding Tile GPS Key Finders on Metal Detecting Equipment

Beat up and working great. I have a second generation Tile on my Garrett Carrot. Since the pinpointer is orange, and the device was louder, I didn't...

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December 31  • 

Wireless Whisper Headphones for Deus XP WS4 – Field Test

Central Soundz Quantum Wireless Whisper headphones for the Deus XP Metal Detector. Image: Treasure Hunting outfitters If you can't hear the full...

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December 15  • 

Will Cheap CM-Level GPS Replace Stakes, Strings and Tape Measures in Archaeology?

Image: ESA The European Space Agency's Galileo system went live today after a bunch of rocket launches and billions in investment.  Sources say...

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December 4  • 

Short Highlight Reel from Metal Detecting Video Adventures in Kentucky

I had fun making this metal detecting higlights clip promo video for the Facebook page.   Have gained over 2100 followers for Metal Detecting in...

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November 16  • 

Hiding Gold or Treasure at Your Home from Metal Detectors (for-fun Post)

illustration of a privy probe This has been a fun discussion with friends online and a few Archaeologist buddies over drinks.  It was fun...

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October 27  • 

Metal Detecting Photography by Scott Clark for 2016

These are the images I've submitted to Whites Detecting for consideration in their calendar. No matter if they use them, I thought you might...

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September 25  • 

“Detectorist, Transformed” via Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists

Now, string wrapped and stakes pulled, after a year of sweat, bee stings and poison ivy I will be presenting a paper at the next SHA with my friend...

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