About my Metal Detecting Blog

scott-detectingI have been metal detecting since I was 16, using a Bounty Hunter machine that had just enough of a discriminator to make it fun to an impatient teenager.

I live in Lexington, KY, a very historic area surrounded by “off-limits” greenspace.  So much of my hunting is done in surrounding communities.

Cooperation with Archaeologists

I now have a goal of finding ways that detecting hobbyists can cooperate with professional archaeologists in historic preservation.   But this does not mean relegating the experienced detectorist to the role of “site technician.”  Those of us in the hobby a long time have often acquired superior research, site survey and recovery skills to professionals.  If you’re a professional in the central KY area, I’d be very happy to talk with you about this.


Thoughtfully Opening Kentucky Public Lands and State Parks to Detecting

I’m an advocate for certification of detectorists.  I feel that accountability within the detecting community is possible.  Some public lands should be open to detecting by those so certified.  A wholesale ban on detecting in all KY public lands feels like “site hoarding” even though the practical constraints of budgets and manpower prevent excavation of even a small percentage of these sites.   The detecting community could do much in terms of discovery and contribution to the historical record if a protocol is developed for it.  Next steps are to define this process in cooperation with archaeologists and historical preservation interests.


Happy Hunting!