It was so cool to get featured in the magazine for the January 2017 issue.  The team at Smiley Pete did a great job on this article.

Somewhere west of Lexington on a wooded Kentucky hillside, Scott Clark sweeps his metal detector through the undergrowth in measured, graceful arcs, listening intently to the cacophony of tones that emanate from his equipment.

A change in the pitch – one that would be barely noticeable to a layman such as myself – piques his interest, and Clark pulls back a step to concentrate the detector over a smaller swath, switching its console to “pinpoint” mode. The detector produces a keening wail similar to a surly R2-D2, indicating a piece of metal. Clark listens closely then drops to his knees – now using a carrot-shaped pinpointing detector and a specialty serrated shovel, he carefully digs up soil, sifts through it and finds the source:  “We have a button,” he says, grinning broadly. “We have a military button.”    (read full article)