Not that common in Kentucky, but was thrilled to see this 1807 1/2 Reale Spanish Silver in the dirt this weekend.  A tiny coin, so you’d think they were faint in the headphones.  This coin had obviously been plowed “up” as it gave me a solid VDI 78 both directions on the XP Deus.

Spanish silver such as this was legal tender in the USA until the mid-1800s.  This coin looks very worn, so was probably in circulation a long time (possibly until the 1840s, which was the date of the site I found it at.)   The hole was used for a thread to help reduce loss.  This also means there could be more – since a string break can make someone drop coins in groups.  I’ll be back!

1/2 Reale 1807 1/2 Reale 1807 1/2 Reale 1807

Bucket List Coin checked off!