007Edward K Yellman Article. In 2012, I located Mr. Edward Yellman’s dog tags laying side by side while metal detecting. I looked him up in an online database and then did some sleuthing through real estate transactions, obituaries and so forth to locate him, including a mailing address.  I wrote a short note and included his tags – I sent a few photos of where they were found.   Mr. Yellman was born in 1925, enlisted in US Army in Sept 1943 in Louisville, KY, and served throughout the war plus 6 months.


A couple of weeks later, I received a shaky-handwritten note from Mr. (Col.) Yellman, now 90 years old, telling me how it brought back a flood of memories holding these tags and that he had lost them while mowing a lawn after returning from the service, that they had both been on a single chain on his neck…losing them broke his heart as he was very proud of serving.

Edward K Yellman (with Eunice)So glad he has them back now.

Thank you, Col. Yellman, for your service above and beyond.

[update: 1/4/15 – Received an email today telling me that Col. Edward Yellman has passed away.  He is survived by his wife Eunice, his 5 children, 9 grandchildren and soon to be born great-granddaughter.   ]