Wedding Band Recovery – Repaying a Debt of Service to this Soldier


Found a nice wedding band today for First Sergeant Fairchild of the 577th Sapper Co in a small park in Lexington.  He’s served in the Army National Guard for 14 years as a Combat Engineer, and surprisingly had used metal detectors for mine clearning duty before! (And I worry about hornets and broken glass – these guys have to concern themselves with high explosives designed to take out men.)

Used the E-trac with 11″ coil in low sensitivity mode – full metal – listening to the low tones.  We found a lot of last years’ tin foil of course, but kept going and eventually I hit a signal that blew my headphones off.  Bam!

Thanks again First Sergeant Fairchild for your service, it was a pleasure to help.  You can call on me any time.