Big Silver, Tiny Silver On Beautiful Autumn Metal Detecting Hunt

It was going to be a perfect weather day for detecting – highs in the 50s, no rain.  I gave a call to a great property owner in Bourbon County, KY with whom I’d discussed detecting his 1810 family homestead and he welcomed me to come detecting.  I’d been there before in the Summer and came away with only three silver dimes and a couple of indians.  He’d shared that someone had detecting the property before – and this seemed to confirm it.

1810 Home

Stingy in Summer, Generous in Fall – This Gorgeous 1810 Home Made for a Beautiful Detecting Hunt.

But there was a section of his property that was a bit out of sight from the main house – and I had a nagging feeling about its potential.  So I packed up with my focus being on this area.  Within 15 minutes of starting, I had found this beautiful 1897 O Barber Half – a screamer in my headphones (like all silver halves.)

barber-insitu barber-edge-insitu barber-rev-insitu

A few feet away, a AU quality 1920 Standing Liberty Quarter with full detail.  I captured this one on Live Dig also, for those of you who follow my videos on Youtube.

slq-front-insitu slq-barber

Another area got my attention.  It was a raised spot near what used to be  an old garden.  I was drawn to it, so figured people from the past might be also.  After 10 minutes, I heard a “wheat penny” signal and almost skipped over it because it was so shallow (1″.)   Its questionable signal meant no live dig on this one..   But I’m glad I didn’t walk away!   It was an 1841 Half Dime.  This is only my second Half Dime of all time.

half-dime-fingertip half-dime-dirt

There was the usual junk and I picked up some buckles, modern bullets, wheat pennies and one other wonderful find, but these coins really made my day.

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[All finds were left with the property owner with information about each]