My friend and journalist Tom Eblen spent time to understand the hobby, arrange a new place and travel with me to document the search.  I think he did a great job and am proud to share this article with you all.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome!   If you have property you’d like me to search, please send me an email to [email protected] and we can discuss it.   

Using technology to find the hidden history beneath our feet
by Tom Eblen

Tom Eblen Metal detectorist finds hidden treasure on Bourbon County farm Neig_2013-05-21_14-00-42
Tom took this great photo of some of the site finds.  Check his article for more photos!

A huge thanks to Kay and Ed for access to your absolutely gorgeous location!

While everyone was generous, the location was stingy however, and packed with iron… and much of the soil had been disturbed for grading.

I look forward to getting out to hunt with Ed in the near future!