A Frustrating Metal Detecting Weekend in Beautiful Autumn Color and Perfect Weather

It’s been one of those weekends where things just didn’t line up.  My planned hunt was squashed by a homeowner being out of town (and wanting to be present during my hunting.)  I delivered a few “thank you packages”  (Brownies with chocolate coins) and looked for an alternative plan.

The scenery was wonderful – even if the hunting was not.

My alternative plans were sketchy and I paid the price for not having a good backup.  I ended up hunting at a newly mowed, virgin old school site with too-tall grass and nearly wrecked my arm and detector shaft trying to swing the coil.

I then headed to a church site the pastor said was “hunted out”  that was absolutely void of signals (I violated one of my no-no’s – hunting highly obvious locations – and paid the price.)  It’s not that the places are hunted out, it’s just that the percentage of good finds to time wasted is just below my threshold.

I then hit an old house site where the following two items emerged, along with the normal wheaties and clad.

There was a grocer in Bourbon County named George Parris, but the connection to “WM” and Augusta, KY (Northern KY) is still a mystery.

Sterling Silver WWII Pin