I have been turned down several times by farm owners who cite liability concerns related to my presence on their property (and these were some amazing sites too!)  While I always realize this may just be a way of avoiding saying “we just don’t want you here!” I do think that in some cases, providing proof that you are covered by insurance may help.  So I’ve added a new tool to my arsenal.

To solidify my position, I took the advice of a friend who owns a farm insurance company and had my insurance agent produce a certificate of coverage as well as a letter describing it.  The letter, with privacy blurring, is shown below.  I will carry copies of this with the certificate on my freestyling and when asking permission.  You can probably obtain a similar document from your own agent (assuming you have similar coverage.)

This has already been re-assuring to one owner, so I have high hopes it will help.  The insurance company letterhead carries far more weight than a bogus “liability release” document.