When we ask permission to access private property, what impacts whether people will say yes or no?  We must understand the motivations and habits of information consumers.   So I read a lot of research like this about how people behave.  When it crossed my desk recently and I immediately thought about how it applies directly to our hobby and getting permissions. Well worth absorbing when you are thinking of asking to hunt a new place:

“….Given the choice, 84% of Americans would rather have a conversation in person than on the phone, according to an August 2012 survey results from Ipsos. Compared to the results across 25 markets, in which an average of 81% preferred to talk in person….

83% of Americans under 35 would choose to talk in person rather than on the phone, a figure that dips to 81% among the 35-49 set, and rises significantly to 86% among those aged 50 to 64. And Americans with a low household income show above-average preference for the phone (21%) compared to those with medium and high household income (both 16%)……

There is a surprising gap between less-educated and highly-educated Americans. While 86% of those with low education prefer in-person conversation, just 78% of highly-educated Americans indicate the same….”