A 9-Silver, 2-Trifecta Metal Detecting Hunt

I set out Saturday with several possible destinations in mind – ready to beg for permissions and possibly end up heading to my backup spots.   But the first location was the one – the property owner/decision maker was the nicest I’ve ever known in my metal detecting life.  I ended up hunting there all. day. long. and scoring the highest single hunt silver count ever.

My 9-silver, 2-Trifecta Metal Detecting Hunt

It was hot.  90-degree hot – so I tried to find the shade as it moved across the location.  And I refilled my Camelbak twice and emptied my cooler.   As I write this on Sunday – I’m sore, but having a pile of silver to look at really helps.

The generosity and hospitality of my property host warmed my heart.  I was ready for a day of rejections and instead received smiles and welcomed curiosity.

Live Digs were recorded of most items and those will be posted on my Youtube channel and embedded below sometime Sunday afternoon!

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