Ironclad Heavy Utility Gloves HUG-03-M, Medium - Work Gloves - AmazonWanted to make a quick post that might save some others some hassles. Detecting without gloves is foolish. Glass, nails and other very nasty stuff resides a few inches underground. I’ve pulled at least a dozen razor blades this year alone (another reason for parents should love metal detectorists.)

I’ve tried 8-10 types of gloves – mainly those you could buy in Home Depot or the local hardware store. Most lack dexterity, durability or proper padding. But I’ve found the best gloves for detecting and wanted to share it with you.   You’ll see these on my hands in my videos and photos.  I’ve bought an extra pair.

Why are they so good?

  • Super tough fingertips.
  • Padding for pushing on the Lesche
  • Good flexibility, relatively good ventilation.
  • Easy removal.
  • Terry cloth  wiper section.

The only downside I can think of is that the velcro section tends to rub on my wrists a bit.  This only happens while the gloves are new and as they loosen up, that problem goes away.  If it bugs you, you can trim off a bit of the velcro (not the rubber) that sticks out to the side.  You can avoid this issue if you always “square up” the velcro itself.
Iron Clad Heavy Duty Landscaper Gloves.  Not cheap at $23, but trust me they’re worth it.   Now selling for around $16/pair.

"It was good to get out."

PS: You can DOUBLE or TRIPLE their lives by putting a small wrap of duct tape around the middle finger of each glove (while they’re on your hand.)  You’ll never know it’s there and it’ll keep the fingertip from holing out ( happens to the best gloves.)   When the tips wear out the rest of the glove is usually FINE.

Ironclad Heavy Utility Gloves2 HUG-03-M, Medium - Work Gloves - Amazon