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November 16  • 

Locating a Loaded Gun

A farm manager contacted me regarding the loss of his pocket pistol while he was mowing at his farm.  Of course, their primary concern was the...

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December 4  • 

Autumn Wedding Ring Recovery in Lexington – Success!!!

Ah, leaves. Well, this turned out to be the fastest recovery ever!  I began swinging my larger coil and heard a gold signal within 2 minutes...

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November 24  • 

Returning a Family Heirloom – Silver Memories Of A Long-Past Aunt

During a recent metal detecting hunt at an 1810s location, I was scanning a hillside that had very few signals at all.  Suddenly, my headphones...

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October 18  • 

Engagement Ring Recovery in Winchester

Received a call from Ashley in Winchester, KY about a lost ring amongst the leaves.  She'd spent hours searching, and even borrowed a metal...

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September 8  • 

Wedding Ring Found for Michigan Student

Few know that metal detector hobbyists are also very generous with their time and talent all around the world.  Volunteers exist in every state and...

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April 30  • 

Metal Detecting for Wedding Ring – Success!

Located this chunky wedding band with the E-trac for a very thankful Dad in Versailles KY after work yesterday.  Had to hunt most of the lawn, but...

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September 30  • 

Gold Ring Recovery from a Horse Paddock Makes for One Happy Farm Hand

Thanks to my high rank in Google for "metal detector rental in KY", I got a call from a farm owner saying that Miguel, a new farm hand on his second...

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June 23  • 

Lexington Kentucky Engagement Ring Recovery

I did a ring recovery tonight near a hotel in Lexington for Chris and Erin, who called me after searching for "metal detector rental" in Lexington (a...

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