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February 7  • 

National Trust for Historic Preservation Google Hangout on Metal Detecting Cooperation

I'll be a guest on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Google Hangout (Wed, Feb 11, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Eastern Time) meant to...

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April 16  • 

Co-Authored Post Featuring Detectorist and Archaeology Cooperation – Today on

I co-authored a blog post at Society for Historical Archaeology's blog with Dr. Matt Reeves of Montpelier.  I hope you'll check it out.  I was...

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March 22  • 

Provenance, Prioritization and Compromise – Metal Detecting and Archaeology Coming To Terms?

I received a series of questions on my last post from a reader named Byron.  As I started my response, I realized that I've heard a similar question...

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March 17  • 

Excavation at Montpelier’s Field Slave Site Was a Moving Experience.

Elliot removing layers at the field slave site Continued from previous post.... Can this program get any better?  Even though a few of the...

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March 15  • 

Montpelier Archaeology Certification Program Day 3 and 4 – Metal Detectorists and Methodology Come Together on Chicken Mountain.

Day 3 and 4 flew by... and I barely had time to blog tonight.  I had been looking forward to the Chicken Mountain wooded hunt during the MACP...

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March 13  • 

Nailed It! Day 2 of Metal Detecting at Montpelier

After an enjoyable day working the front lawn at Montpelier on the first day, day two at Montpelier started out with a downpour.  It rained hard...

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March 12  • 

Minelab Archaeological Certification Program at Montpelier – Day 1

After much preparation and a 7 hour drive yesterday, today started early with a 7:30 team meeting to discuss previous work and goals of the...

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March 9  • 

Preparing for a Week of Work at James Madison’s Montpelier

Today I'm cleaning and gathering up my stuff for a trip from Lexington to the Montpelier estate in Virginia to participate in the Montpelier...

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November 10  • 

Madison and Slave Cemeteries at Montpelier (video clip)

Thought I would share this as I prepare to join the Archaeological team at Montpelier in February 2013.

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September 12  • 

Metal Detectorists and Archaeological Teams Cooperate in Certification Program

A promising program for cooperation between professionals and amateurs with the Montpelier Archaeological Certification Program (MACP.) Well done,...

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