Coca-Cola Lucky Watch Fob with Swastika c1925

 •  November 26

While detecting an old school house site in Central Kentucky, I found an object that I had researched before. I knew exactly what I had before I had...

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Spanish Silver Mystery – 1/2 Reale in Kentucky

 •  November 14

Not that common in Kentucky, but was thrilled to see this 1807 1/2 Reale Spanish Silver in the dirt this weekend.

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Navy Petty Officer Button… in Kentucky?

 •  August 31

Fun find near the location of a Union hospital in Central Kentucky was this Naval Petty Officer button from the union army.  I plan to offer it to...

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Recovered Great Grandma’s Heirloom Wedding Band

 •  August 30

Had another ring recovery today in Lexington for Leanne, who called me after seeing the article in the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Her son had been...

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Social Media and Archaeology – Presentation at MSU Digital Archaeology Event

 •  August 21

Excellent new presentation from Terry Brock (Montpelier Foundation) and Lynne Goldstein of MSU on use of Social Media by Archaeologists presented at...

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More History from Hatfield and McCoy on Diggers August 10th

 •  August 2

Kudos to National Geographic,  Pike County Tourism, Convention and Visitors Bureau and Pikeville City Staff for again inviting George Wyant and...

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My Ring-Location Activity Featured in Lexington Herald-Leader

 •  July 19

I was flattered today to find this story about me helping people find lost rings.   The Herald Leader is Lexington's largest newspaper. More...

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Two-ring wedding band recovery for Dianna in Lexington

 •  June 3

Dianna emailed me about having her rings missing in the back yard - but that her 3-year-old had told her pretty much where they were lost.  "Behind...

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Col. Edward Yellman’s Dog Tags Returned To Him

 •  May 26

In 2012, I located Mr. Edward Yellman's dog tags laying side by side while metal detecting. I looked him up in an online database and then did some...

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Wedding Band Recovery – Repaying a Debt of Service to this Soldier

 •  May 10

Found a nice wedding band today for First Sergeant Fairchild of the 577th Sapper Co in a small park in Lexington.  He's served in the Army...

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National Trust for Historic Preservation Google Hangout on Metal Detecting Cooperation

 •  February 7

I'll be a guest on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Google Hangout (Wed, Feb 11, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Eastern Time) meant to...

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Locating a Loaded Gun

 •  November 16

A farm manager contacted me regarding the loss of his pocket pistol while he was mowing at his farm.  Of course, their primary concern was the...

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