Archaeological Partnership Program for Avocational Metal Detectorists

 •  August 15

Chris Espenshade, regional director of Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group and I have been talking on and off about avocational detectorist...

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Headphones for XP Deus – Comparing Gray Ghost and Vance Muffs Headphones (Alternatives to WS4 & WS5)

 •  June 3

  It wasn't long after I bought my Deus that I realized I needed some full enclosure headphones.  I was hunting an old Odd Fellows' Home in...

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Metal Detecting in the South – 2014

 •  February 2

  I've even taken to making pages about ice storm predictions and winter weather

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Building Archaeology / Metal Detecting Exhibits with Google Open Gallery

 •  December 12

My next project will be to produce a small gallery of artifacts using the Google Open Gallery tool, just released for personal use.  I hope to learn...

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Autumn Wedding Ring Recovery in Lexington – Success!!!

 •  December 4

Ah, leaves. Well, this turned out to be the fastest recovery ever!  I began swinging my larger coil and heard a gold signal within 2 minutes...

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Mystery Item: Knights Templar or Crusader’s Cross on Livestock Tag at 11″

 •  December 3

I'm going to begin posting some of my mystery finds in hopes that some of the thousands of visitors to this site could help me identify them.   This...

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Returning a Family Heirloom – Silver Memories Of A Long-Past Aunt

 •  November 24

During a recent metal detecting hunt at an 1810s location, I was scanning a hillside that had very few signals at all.  Suddenly, my headphones...

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Big Silver, Tiny Silver On Beautiful Autumn Metal Detecting Hunt

 •  November 24

It was going to be a perfect weather day for detecting - highs in the 50s, no rain.  I gave a call to a great property owner in Bourbon County, KY...

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Engagement Ring Recovery in Winchester

 •  October 18

Received a call from Ashley in Winchester, KY about a lost ring amongst the leaves.  She'd spent hours searching, and even borrowed a metal...

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Metal Detecting Swing Aid / Harness Reviews: Minelab ProSwing 45 vs Swingy Thingy vs. HipStick

 •  September 13

I have always meant to try a harness for hunts where I planned to swing my heavy E-trac (with probe) all day.   I'm horrible about changing arms and...

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Wedding Ring Found for Michigan Student

 •  September 8

Few know that metal detector hobbyists are also very generous with their time and talent all around the world.  Volunteers exist in every state and...

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National Geographic “Diggers” in Kentucky

 •  August 19

The popular National Geographic show "Diggers" visited Ashland this past Spring and I was unable to talk about it, but now that the episode's been...

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